Keynote Speaker Announcement

We are very excited to announce that David Wortley will be our joint keynote speaker between EC-TEL 2018 and Medical Education Informatics (MEI 2018). 

David Wortley

The title of David Wortley's keynote will be “The impact of disruptive digital technologies on Education, Medicine, Health and Well-Being.”

David is the CEO and Founder of 360in360 Immersive Experiences (, a social enterprise franchise specialising in the use of 360 degree video, images, sounds and storytelling to celebrate extraordinary people, places and experiences. His previous role was the CEO and Founder of GAETSS, a consultancy on the strategic use of Enabling Technologies for the transformation of business and society.

David is also the Founding President of the European Chapter of the International Society of Digital Medicine (ISDM). He is a recognised global authority on the practical application of emerging and enabling technologies in areas such as health, environment, business development and education. He is a serial technology innovator and has been a pioneer of emerging technologies for over 30 years.

He is an expert adviser to the European Union and an accredited business mentor. His specialist expertise is in the commercialisation of disruptive digital technologies. David is a passionate user of wearable technologies for health and wellness applications and a Founding Council Member of the International Society for Digital Medicine (

Keynote Speaker Announcement

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Carolyn P. Rosé will be one of the keynote speakers for EC-TEL 2018.

Carolyn P. Rosé

Dr. Carolyn P. Rosé is a Professor of Language Technologies and Human-Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. 

The title of her keynote talk will be "Lifelong Learning in a Web Scale Opportunity Space"

 Her research program is focused on better understanding the social and pragmatic nature of conversation, and using this understanding to build computational systems that can improve the efficacy of conversation between people, and between people and computers. In order to pursue these goals, she invokes approaches from computational discourse analysis and text mining, conversational agents, and computer supported collaborative learning. 

Her research group’s highly interdisciplinary work, published in over 200 peer reviewed publications, is represented in the top venues in 5 fields: namely, Language Technologies, Learning Sciences, Cognitive Science, Educational Technology, and Human-Computer Interaction, with awards in 3 of these fields. 

She serves as Past President and Inaugural Fellow of the International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inaugural Chair of the International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era, and Executive Editor of the International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning.

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