Healthcare Education

This year’s conference theme (lifelong technology enhanced learning) is highly relevant to healthcare, where there is an increasing overlap between the needs of healthcare education and the delivery of healthcare services using technology. 

Leeds Institute of Medical Education, as one of the hosting organisations of EC-TEL, and Health Education England (HEE) will be organizing a healthcare education stream within the main EC-TEL Conference. This will provide the opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders (healthcare practitioners, educators, patients, policy makers, researchers and industry) to explore how technology can support healthcare education, continuing professional development and practice. 

Further details of the activities  and speakers in this stream will be announced on the conference website. All EC-TEL conference participants will be welcome to participate in the healthcare education activities. 

Co-location with MEI 2018

EC-TEL 2018 will be co-located with the Medical Education Informatics (MEI2018) Conference, providing an excellent opportunity for these two research and practice communities to meet, discuss and share their knowledge. MEI208 runs from 6-7th September. 

Host Organisation

University of Leeds

Supporting Organisations

DIPF Bildungsforschung und BildungsinformationGoethe Universität Frankfurt am MainHTW ChurImaginaryKnow Center TU GrazOpen UniversiteitPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileRayComTU Grazhttc e.V.


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