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Demonstration Submissions

The EC-TEL Demonstration session is your chance to fully engage EC-TEL attendees at a personal level by letting them see, touch, squeeze, or hear your visions for the future of TEL, or demonstrate highly interactive ‘TEL in Action’ (e.g. implemented tools, or real-time learning experiences). We expect that your demonstration will be a reliably running prototype of your vision that is ready to be tried out, questioned and interacted with.

You need to submit a concise scientific description of your research prototype, clearly showing how your technological innovation realises a clear learning innovation. This needs to be in a paper that is a maximum 4 pages long including references that will be published in the EC-TEL 2018 proceedings if accepted (plus max. 2 additional pages describing the demo but not published in the proceedings). Specifically, we expect the following sections: (1) Pedagogical background, (2) Technological Background, (3) Use case (explain a use case that you will use to demonstrate the use of your proposal during the demo-shoot), (4) Results and Outcomes achieved (Optional). Demonstration submissions that complement an EC-TEL Paper submission are welcomed.

Poster Submissions

Posters report on significant work in progress. We are planning a poster session in which you can present your work and elicit feedback from EC-TEL participants. Please submit a paper up to a maximum of 4 pages long including references describing your work and the results that you plan to achieve until September 2018. Posters will be published in the EC-TEL 2018 proceedings if accepted.

Demo & Posters at the conference venue

At the conference, all accepted demonstrations will participate in the EC-TEL 2018 Demo-Pitch Competition. You should be ready to present an elevator pitch that convinces the audience to vote for your demonstration. The participants of the EC-TEL Poster and Demo Session will vote for the best EC-TEL demo/prototype as well as for the best poster in this session. The winners will be awarded during the conference. IMPORTANT: Videos are not allowed during the pitch and will be directly disqualified.

Additionally, all poster and demonstration presenters will have the opportunity to create an ePoster to complement their paper poster or demo presentation. The ePosters will be created using Learning Toolbox, which allows you to create a rich and interactive ePoster containing rich elements such as videos, images, audio, apps, presentations, twitter feeds and links to online resources. Your ePoster will have both a physical and virtual presence at the conference and participants will be able to view and interact with your ePoster on their mobile devices and laptops. This is not a PDF online – this is a living learning resource that you can continue to share, update and use after the conference. To find out more about this new approach to ePosters you can view our webpages and videos at  or browse the EC-TEL 2017 ePosters at 

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University of Leeds

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DIPF Bildungsforschung und BildungsinformationGoethe Universität Frankfurt am MainHTW ChurImaginaryKnow Center TU GrazOpen UniversiteitPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileRayComTU Grazhttc e.V.


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