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Practitioner paper submissions are now closed, but there is still a chance to submit industry pitches. 

This year EC-TEL intends to have an innovation-driven industry track which will be integrated with the research papers track to provide opportunities for synergies and interactions between the industry and academia. The aim is to give companies a practical grasp on research results and to provide researchers with a forum to become aware of industry perspectives and deployment settings. Building a common understanding, both communities will be able to identify a roadmap for translating research into practice to empower and innovate education.

The industry track is designed to be highly practical and interactive, fostering a dialogue on 21st century education innovation challenges. Consequently, two types of contributions will be accepted:

  • Industry pitches from TEL companies; (submissions still open)
  • Practitioner papers from TEL practitioners and professionals. (abstract submissions now closed)

Industry Pitches:

TEL industries are invited to submit short abstract (1 page) in form of “pitches” emailed to Lucia Pannesse lucia.pannese(at)  (Industry & Practice Co-Chair).

There are a limited number of these session slots available for industry to pitch their ideas to the EC-TEL community. Send in your industry pitch abstract as soon as possible in order to be considered for this opportunity. Deadline for submissions is the end of May.

The abstract should describe an important 21st century issue that is being addressed, demonstrated or expected impact, digital solution with an appropriate underlying method/methodology, and lessons learned. In addition, the abstract should specify the practical activity that will involve the attendees together with the discussion/reflection highlights that will accompany this activity and the take home message for the audience; presenters are expected to offer an “experience” rather than a standard presentation.

Each accepted industry pitch will then be required to prepare an e-poster by making creative use of media, such as videos, images, sound, or practical demonstration, to facilitate comprehension and raise impact. All industry pitches will be presented as e-posters during the main conference to popularise industry projects and enable attendees to become aware of industry needs, strategies and expectations.

Based on the short abstracts, several industry pitches will also be selected for oral presentations at the main conference. The “best” industry pitch will be voted by the conference attendees.

Practitioner Papers: 

To encourage presentations that address real world problems, EC-TEL invites practitioner paper submissions. They should address the application, commercial aspects or practical challenges in innovating education through technology, in particular in the context of the conference there ‘Lifelong technology enhanced learning: Dealing with the complexity of 21st century challenges’.

Practitioner papers should be based on a practical use of technology in a learning environment with an expected pedagogical value. They should include description of:

  • Context for the project (including aims and key challenges addressed);
  • Digital solution (including design rationale and practical implementation);
  • Practical deployment (including description of the practical context in which the digital solution has been deployed, stakeholder involvement, evaluation, if appropriate);
  • Lessons learnt (including, as appropriate, one or more positive or negative issues such as validation of the expected impact, practical constraints and enablers, user adoption, cost benefit analysis);
  • Open challenges (what issues require further attention).

Practitioner papers will follow the submission format for the main conference:

  • Long papers (14 pages) should present substantial work that covers all points listed above;
  • Short papers (6 pages) can present work in progress that focuses on some points listed above.

All submissions should clearly articulate the key contribution in terms of the value of the practical experience to the design and deployment of technologies to innovate learning.

The practitioner papers will be submitted following the research papers deadline, through the EasyChair ( Accepted papers will be published as companion to the EC-TEL proceedings in and linked on the website and presented during the main conference.

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